Standard Program 2024

  • Round 3: Fertilizer (General Health)

    This late spring/early summer premium slow release fertilizer application helps to sustain growing conditions throughout the summer months. Weed control is also applied as needed.


  • Round 4: Weed & Grub Control

    Controls those late summer weeds. Crabgrass, Clover, Dandelion, Nutsedge, Foxtails, and many others. This round also hits those pesky subsurface insects. Grubs, Billbugs, Japanese Beetles and various other pests.


  • Round 6: Fertilizer (General Health)

    This late season application helps to store nutrients as those colder, freezing temperatures roll in with winter. Weed control is also applied as needed.


Guaranteed results and free service calls as needed

starting at $331.16 (tax included)

Standard Program 2024

starting at $273.65 (tax included)

Fall Aeration and Over-seeding Service



A healthy lawn requires the necessary nutrients at the appropriate time, and unfortunately these nutrients are often lacking in the local soils. At Heartland we work the appropriate Nitrogen/Phosphorus/Potassium (NPK) formulas to maximize a balanced growth throughout the year. Unlike other lawns that look great in spring and succumb to weeds in the summer/ fall, at Heartland we work different products throughout the year to help your lawns look great all season long.

Weed Control


Selective herbicides are a crucial part of controlling undesirable weeds to keep them from taking over your lawn. Each herbicide we use is designed to specifically to target certain weeds during the seasonal periods. Mixed into the programs above are applications of both pre-emergent and post emergent herbicide. Although the blanket are very effective they will not eliminate the issues completely, which is why we also continue to spot spray as needed. There are quite a few common weeds within Cincinnati and a handful of those addressed include the following; nutsedge, crabgrass, ground ivy and clover, among many others.

Pest Control


Mid summer to fall is when your lawn’s ecosystem is in full effect. Unfortunately for you that means bugs and insects such as grubs, cinch bugs, aphids and others could become a problem. These insects and bugs (above and below the surface of your lawn) are often present, but at times they multiply beyond acceptable levels and start to cause damage to the turf allowing weeds to creep in. Our formula maintains a healthy ecosystem with a focus on maintaining the right balance vs eradication. When it comes to insects a healthy lawn is like a diet, everything is good in moderation.


Fall aeration alleviates the natural compaction and excess thatch in your lawn from the winter, spring and summer. This allows water, air and other nutrients to be absorbed at a higher rate and is a key step in reducing water runoff or puddling that kills grass. Aeration in the fall also encourages your grass to grow deeper roots, which prepares it for the winter.

Most turf grasses have a finite life of 7-10 years, which is why it is so important to be reseeding to add to the existing lawn. The fall period happens to be the opportune growing conditions by avoiding the dry, hot summer and the harmful freeze of winter.